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The Food Bank has been a fixture in Josephine County since 1990. Originally we were part of the Josephine County Community Action Agency and were run as a program of the county. During these years, we served hungry individuals and families all over the county and built some of our longest lasting relationships.


In 2005 the County discontinued funding for the Food Bank and the United Community Action Network stepped in and the Food Bank began to grow. In 2010 a community collaboration among the City of GP, UCAN, Rotary Clubs of GP and local donors resulted in the construction of a new 10,000 square foot food storehouse and the establishment of Raptor Creek Farm, located on the property to grow food for local families. Today we are located at 3658 Upper River Road and are locally governed and operated by Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network, a local nonprofit that was established in 2015.


More than a few things have changed since 2005. We’ve gone from serving a little over 6,000 people per month (2006) to more than 11,000 people per month, added several staff members, and perhaps most importantly doubled the amount of food that is distributed from 1.4 million pounds (2006) to 2.8 million pounds today.

The food distribution center allows us to better meet the needs of our community for many years to come as well as integrate the operations of the warehouse and the garden into one central location.

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The Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm are operated under Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network:

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