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One of the best ways to get involved is to host a food drive. Food drives account for around 25% of the food that we distribute and that food is raised locally in our communities in Josephine County.

Food drives come in all shapes and sizes. There are no minimum requirements to organize one. All food drives help the cause and all food drives are appreciated. Here are several ways to help you generate creative ways to collect food.



• Hold a party or event

Many organizations sell tickets to an event. You can discount the admission price with donated cans of food.


• Advertising a raffle or prize

Knowing a raffle event is a game of chance, you could offer an additional ticket entry for every time someone brought food to your drive. This gives them incentive to bring food multiple times.


• Competition and challenges

 Having a friendly competition between departments or a challenge with other businesses similar to your own can sometimes create a “buzz” in the media.


• Have a “special” event

A walk-a-thon or another activity where you have sponsors that back you financially to fund food purchases - knowing that win or lose, the benefits are for hungry families.

• A neighborhood food drive

If you are doing a neighborhood food drive, go door to door and let them know about the need in your community.


• Organizations and “public” areas

Many organizations have meeting rooms, bulletin boards and lunchrooms that offer small posters to help promote an event. Many stores in your area also have public bulletin boards where you can post your flyers. Churches, schools and high traffic areas are helpful.


• Tell the media about your event

If you are having a community event, tell the local papers, radio stations and service clubs. Get them involved if you can. Many will provide PSA announcements for you.

Let's Get Started!


We have a handy brochure with helpful tips and advice on how to plan and where to begin. It also will cover some questions you may have.


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The Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm are operated under Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network:

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