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The Main Garden

Today the garden has grown a bit from our humble beginnings where we mostly grew corn and chubby deer which fed on the corn.


The garden has grown to encompass 2.25 fenced acres growing a variety of crops from tomatoes to four varieties of peppers to zucchini. We are moving towards becoming an organic operation and actively solicit feedback from our clients and community about what we should grow. For example, we’ve grown too many cucumbers in the past but not enough peppers. So this year, we grew fewer cucumbers but greatly increased the number and variety of peppers that we grew. In other words, we try to maintain a balance of nutritional fresh farm produce based on the demands of the needs.


In addition, thanks to the Four-Way Community Foundation, we now have 18 raised beds growing asparagus. Once mature, the plants should produce for decades and provide a fresh crop that is financially out of reach for our clients under ordinary circumstances.


food bank support

The Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm are operated under Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network:

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