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The simple answer to the question, who are you serving has often been: “The food bank distributes food to agencies throughout Josephine County. We serve children, seniors, single adults, families and everyone in between.” But we found that a variety of people (donors, media folk, people we met on the street) wanted to know a little bit more about the people that we were serving and their lives.


Statistics change from month to month and year to year. The results of gathering information is enlightening and presented us with a better idea of who our clients really are. The process of tracking this information from year to year can be a bit unwieldy, but very useful for the planning of future services.

These are actual statistics that demonstrate a reality that affects our community in many ways.

49.6 of families we serve have at least one child under the age of 18

Almost 50% of the adults we serve are elderly, retired, and/or disabled.

50% of the families we serve have one adult who is working full time.

15% of clients each month have never asked for emergency food before.

Progress Report

How Are We Helping?


As the regional food bank, we primarily measure how we are fighting hunger in pounds of food and numbers of food boxes, but we gave it some thought and decided to mix in a few different ways to measure how we are helping:


People served on a

monthly average:



Monthly food boxes:



Total pounds of food

distributed in 2015:



Equivalent number

of meals provided:




More than 75% of households served cited medical debt as a reason for needing emergency food.

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The Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm are operated under Friends of Josephine County Food Bank Network:

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